Extrusion Blow Molds

Extrusion Blow Molding involves manufacture of parison by conventional extrusion method. Extrusion Blow Molding is commonly used for mass production of plastic bottles.



For the production MLT follows the steps:

  • 1. The parison is extruded vertically in downward direction between two mold halves.
  • 2. When the parison reaches the required length the two mold halves close resulting in pinching the top of parison end and sealing the blow pin in the bottom of the parison end.
  • 3. Parison is inflated by air blown through the blow pin, taking a shape conforming that of the mold cavity. The parison is then cut on the top.
  • 4. The mold cools down, its halves open, and the final part is removed.


n.b: Parison means a rounded mass of molten glass formed by rolling the substance immediately after removal from the furnace.